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Meaning of word fuddle from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

fuddle   noun

Meaning : A confused multitude of things.

Synonyms : clutter, jumble, mare's nest, muddle, smother, welter

fuddle   verb

Meaning : Make stupid with alcohol.

Synonyms : befuddle

Meaning : Consume alcohol.

Example : We were up drinking all night.

Synonyms : booze, drink, hit the bottle

नशे में आना या होना।

शराब पीते ही वह नशा गया।
नशाना, नसाना

मद्य पीना।

राम बहुत अधिक मद्यपान करता है।
मद्यपान करना, शराब पीना

Meaning : Be confusing or perplexing to. Cause to be unable to think clearly.

Example : These questions confuse even the experts.
This question completely threw me.
This question befuddled even the teacher.

Synonyms : bedevil, befuddle, confound, confuse, discombobulate, fox, throw