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Welcome to Amarkosh.

Amarkosh is a unique dictionary website of Bhartiya languages. The meaning of a word varies according to the context in which it is used. Here various contextual meanings of the words have been described in detail along with example sentences and synonyms.

More than one hundred fifty thousands words of English language are available in Amarkosh. Please enter a word to search.

A random word from the dictionary is displayed below.

mahogany tree   noun

Meaning : Any of various tropical timber trees of the family Meliaceae especially the genus Swietinia valued for their hard yellowish- to reddish-brown wood that is readily worked and takes a high polish.

Synonyms : mahogany

एक प्रकार का बड़ा वृक्ष जिसकी लकड़ी बहुत मजबूत और टिकाऊ होती है।

महोगनी की लकड़ी से साज-सज्जा की वस्तुएँ बनाई जाती हैं।
महागुनी, महोगनी

अमरकोश का भ्रमण करने के लिए किसी भाषा का कोई एक अक्षर चुनें।