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Meaning of word dying from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

dying   noun

Meaning : The time when something ends.

Example : It was the death of all his plans.
A dying of old hopes.

Synonyms : death, demise

The time when something begins (especially life).

They divorced after the birth of the child.
His election signaled the birth of a new age.

dying   adjective

Meaning : In or associated with the process of passing from life or ceasing to be.

Example : A dying man.
His dying wish.
A dying fire.
A dying civilization.

Being born or beginning.

The nascent chicks.
A nascent insurgency.

Meaning : Eagerly desirous.

Example : Anxious to see the new show at the museum.
Dying to hear who won.

Synonyms : anxious