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Meaning of word zany from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

zany   adjective

Meaning : Ludicrous, foolish.

Example : Wore a goofy hat.
A silly idea.
Some wacky plan for selling more books.

Synonyms : goofy, silly, wacky, whacky

Meaning : Like a clown.

Example : A buffoonish walk.
A clownish face.
A zany sense of humor.

Synonyms : buffoonish, clownish, clownlike

zany   noun

Meaning : A buffoon in one of the old comedies. Imitates others for ludicrous effect.

Meaning : A man who is a stupid incompetent fool.

Synonyms : bozo, cuckoo, fathead, goof, goofball, goose, jackass, twat