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Meaning of word yellow from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

yellow   verb

Meaning : Turn yellow.

Example : The pages of the book began to yellow.

yellow   adjective

Meaning : Of the color intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum. Of something resembling the color of an egg yolk.

Synonyms : xanthous, yellowish

हल्दी, केसर आदि के रंग का।

उसके वस्त्र पीले थे।
अवदात, कपिंजल, कपिञ्जल, जर्द, ज़र्द, पीत, पीला, शार

हलके पीले रंग का।

शीला वसंती साड़ी पहनी हुई है।
बसंती, वसंती

Meaning : Easily frightened.

Synonyms : chicken, chickenhearted, lily-livered, white-livered, yellow-bellied

Meaning : Changed to a yellowish color by age.

Example : Yellowed parchment.

Synonyms : yellowed

Meaning : Typical of tabloids.

Example : Sensational journalistic reportage of the scandal.
Yellow press.

Synonyms : scandalmongering, sensationalistic

Meaning : Cowardly or treacherous.

Example : The little yellow stain of treason.
Too yellow to stand and fight.

Meaning : Affected by jaundice which causes yellowing of skin etc.

Synonyms : icteric, jaundiced

yellow   noun

Meaning : Yellow color or pigment. The chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons.

Synonyms : yellowness

वह रंग जो हल्दी, केसर आदि के रंग का होता है।

एक खाने में पीला रंग और दूसरे में लाल रंग भरो।
पीला, पीला रंग