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Meaning of word westerly from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

westerly   adjective

Meaning : Of wind. From the west.

Synonyms : western

Meaning : Moving toward the west.

Example : Westbound pioneers.

Synonyms : westbound, westward

westerly   noun

Meaning : The winds from the west that occur in the temperate zones of the Earth.

Synonyms : prevailing westerly

पश्चिम की ओर से आनेवाली हवा।

आज सुबह से ही पछुआ बह रही है।
पछिया, पछियाव, पछुआ, पछुआ हवा, पछुआई, पश्चिम पवन

westerly   adverb

Meaning : Toward the west.

Example : We began to steer away westerly.

Meaning : From the west.

Example : The wind blew westerly.

From the east.

The winds blew easterly all night.