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Meaning of word touched from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

touched   adjective

Meaning : Having come into contact.

जिसे छुआ या स्पर्श किया गया हो।

बिना नहाए छुआ भोजन अशुद्ध माना जाता है।
छुआ, स्पर्शित

Not having come in contact.


Meaning : Being excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion.

Example : Too moved to speak.
Very touched by the stranger's kindness.

Synonyms : affected, moved, stirred

जो दया से भर गया हो।

रमेश की दशा देखकर मोहन का हृदय द्रवित हो उठा।
दयार्द्र, द्रवित, द्रवीभूत

Emotionally unmoved.

Always appeared completely unmoved and imperturbable.
unaffected, unmoved, untouched

Meaning : Slightly insane.

Synonyms : fey