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Meaning of word sunray from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

sunray   noun

Meaning : A ray of sunlight.

Synonyms : sunbeam

सूर्य की किरण।

दिन निकलते ही सूर्य-किरणें धरती पर फैलने लगती हैं।
रविजात, विरोचन, सूर्य किरण, सूर्य-किरण, सूर्य-रश्मि

Meaning : Herb having a basal cluster of grey-green leaves and leafless stalks each with a solitary broad yellow flower head. Desert areas Idaho to Arizona.

Synonyms : enceliopsis nudicaulis

Meaning : A ray of artificial ultraviolet light from a sunray lamp.

Synonyms : sun-ray