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Meaning of word retentiveness from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

retentiveness   noun

Meaning : The power of retaining and recalling past experience.

Example : He had a good memory when he was younger.

Synonyms : memory, retention, retentivity

स्मरण रखने की शक्ति।

इस अधिकारी की स्मरण शक्ति बहुत कमज़ोर है।
जहन, ज़हन, ज़िहन, ज़ेहन, जिहन, जेहन, याददाश्त, स्मरण शक्ति, स्मरण-शक्ति, स्मृति

Meaning : The property of retaining possessions that have been acquired.

Synonyms : retentivity

Meaning : The power of retaining liquid.

Example : Moisture retentivity of soil.

Synonyms : retention, retentivity