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Meaning of word receiver from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

receiver   noun

Meaning : Set that receives radio or tv signals.

Synonyms : receiving system

Meaning : (law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties.

Synonyms : liquidator

Meaning : Earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds.

Synonyms : telephone receiver

टेलीफोन का वह भाग जिससे बात करते एवं सुनते हैं।

टेलीफोन की घंटी सुनकर वह चोंगा उठाने के लिए दौड़ी।
चोंगा, रिसीवर, हैंडसेट

Meaning : A person who receives something.

Synonyms : recipient

पाने वाला।

पत्र पर प्रापक का नाम और पता साफ-साफ लिखा होना चाहिए।
आदाता, ग्रहीता, पानेवाला, प्रापक, प्रापयिता, प्रापी, प्राप्त कर्ता, प्राप्तकर्ता, प्राप्ता

Meaning : The tennis player who receives the serve.

Meaning : A football player who catches (or is supposed to catch) a forward pass.

Synonyms : pass catcher, pass receiver