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Meaning of word porter from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

porter   noun

Meaning : A person employed to carry luggage and supplies.

अनाज आदि के बोरे ढोने या किसी वाहन पर लादनेवाला मजदूर।

पल्लेदार धान की बोरियों को ट्रक पर लाद रहा है।

वह मजदूर जो स्टेशन पर यात्रियों का सामान वाहन में चढ़ाने या उतारने का काम करता है।

रेलगाड़ी के रुकते ही कुली डिब्बों की ओर दौड़े।
क़ुली, कुली

Meaning : Someone who guards an entrance.

Synonyms : door guard, doorkeeper, doorman, gatekeeper, hall porter, ostiary

Meaning : United States writer of novels and short stories (1890-1980).

Synonyms : katherine anne porter

Meaning : United States composer and lyricist of musical comedies (1891-1946).

Synonyms : cole albert porter, cole porter

Meaning : United States writer of short stories whose pen name was O. Henry (1862-1910).

Synonyms : o. henry, william sydney porter

Meaning : A railroad employee who assists passengers (especially on sleeping cars).

Synonyms : pullman porter

Meaning : A very dark sweet ale brewed from roasted unmalted barley.

Synonyms : porter's beer

porter   verb

Meaning : Carry luggage or supplies.

Example : They portered the food up Mount Kilimanjaro for the tourists.