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Meaning of word ohm from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

ohm   noun

Meaning : A unit of electrical resistance equal to the resistance between two points on a conductor when a potential difference of one volt between them produces a current of one ampere.

Translation in other languages :

विद्युत प्रतिरोध की एक इकाई।

इस तार में चार ओम की धारा प्रवाहित हो रही है।

ବିଦ୍ୟୁତ ପ୍ରତିରୋଧର ଏକ ଏକକ

ଏହି ତାରରେ ଚାରି ଓମର ବିଦ୍ୟୁତଧାରା ପ୍ରବାହିତ ହେଉଛି

বিদ্যুত্ প্রতিরোধের একক

"এই তার থেকে চার ওহম বিদ্যুত্ প্রবাহিত হচ্ছে"

Meaning : German physicist who formulated Ohm's law (1787-1854).

Synonyms : georg simon ohm