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Meaning of word myriad from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

myriad   noun

Meaning : A large indefinite number.

Example : He faced a myriad of details.

Meaning : The cardinal number that is the product of ten and one thousand.

Synonyms : 10000, ten thousand

सौ सौ के योग से प्राप्त संख्या।

उसने दस हज़ार के लिए बच्चे को उठवाया था।
10000, अयुत, दस हज़ार, दस हजार, १००००

myriad   adjective

Meaning : Too numerous to be counted.

Example : Countless hours.
An infinite number of reasons.
Innumerable difficulties.
The multitudinous seas.
Myriad stars.

Synonyms : countless, infinite, innumerable, innumerous, multitudinous, numberless, uncounted, unnumberable, unnumbered, unnumerable