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Meaning of word intoxicated from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

intoxicated   adjective

Meaning : Stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol).

Example : A noisy crowd of intoxicated sailors.
Helplessly inebriated.

Synonyms : drunk, gone, inebriated, ripped

जो मद में उन्मत्त हो या नशे में मस्त हो।

मदोन्मत्त व्यक्ति अनाप-सनाप बक रहा था।
अलमस्त, धुत, धुत्त, प्रमत्त, मतवार, मतवाला, मत्त, मदमस्त, मदहोश, मदांध, मदोन्मत्त, शौंड, शौण्ड

Not affected by a chemical substance (especially alcohol).


Meaning : As if under the influence of alcohol.

Example : Felt intoxicated by her success.
Drunk with excitement.

Synonyms : drunk