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Meaning of word flop from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

flop   noun

Meaning : An arithmetic operation performed on floating-point numbers.

Example : This computer can perform a million flops per second.

Synonyms : floating-point operation

Meaning : Someone who is unsuccessful.

Synonyms : dud, washout

Meaning : A complete failure.

Example : The play was a dismal flop.

Synonyms : bust, fizzle

Meaning : The act of throwing yourself down.

Example : He landed on the bed with a great flop.

Synonyms : collapse

flop   verb

Meaning : Fall loosely.

Example : He flopped into a chair.

Meaning : Fall suddenly and abruptly.

Meaning : Fail utterly. Collapse.

Example : The project foundered.

Synonyms : fall flat, fall through, founder

flop   adverb

Meaning : With a flopping sound.

Example : He tumbled flop into the mud.

Meaning : Exactly.

Example : He fell flop on his face.

Synonyms : right