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Meaning of word diminished from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

diminished   adjective

Meaning : Impaired by diminution.

Synonyms : lessened, vitiated, weakened

Meaning : (of an organ or body part) diminished in size or strength as a result of disease or injury or lack of use.

Example : Partial paralysis resulted in an atrophied left arm.

Synonyms : atrophied, wasted

(of an organ or body part) excessively enlarged as a result of increased size in the constituent cells.

Hypertrophied myocardial fibers.
enlarged, hypertrophied

Meaning : (of musical intervals) reduction by a semitone of any perfect or minor musical interval.

Example : A diminished fifth.

Meaning : Made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth).

Example : Her comments made me feel small.

Synonyms : belittled, small