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Meaning of word confinement from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

confinement   noun

Meaning : Concluding state of pregnancy. From the onset of contractions to the birth of a child.

Example : She was in labor for six hours.

Synonyms : childbed, labor, labour, lying-in, parturiency, travail

Meaning : The act of restraining of a person's liberty by confining them.

Meaning : The state of being confined.

Example : He was held in confinement.

Meaning : The act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary).

Example : The restriction of the infection to a focal area.

Synonyms : restriction

वह कार्य जो किसी को रोकने या दबाव में रखने के लिए हो।

बच्चों पर कुछ हद तक अंकुश आवश्यक है।
अंकुश, अवरोध, कंट्रोल, कन्ट्रोल, दबाव, दबिश, दम, नियंत्रण, नियन्त्रण, रोक, लगाम