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Meaning of word cake from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

cake   verb

Meaning : Form a coat over.

Example : Dirt had coated her face.

Synonyms : coat

cake   noun

Meaning : A block of solid substance (such as soap or wax).

Example : A bar of chocolate.

Synonyms : bar

Meaning : Small flat mass of chopped food.

Synonyms : patty

Meaning : Baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat.

Translation in other languages :

आटे, चीनी, अंडे आदि को मिलाकर बनाया हुआ एक विदेशी खाद्य वस्तु जो थोड़ा नरमी लिए हुए होता है।

श्याम अपने जन्मदिन के अवसर पर केक काट रहा है।